Ongoing PhD Projects in 2016

A new Opisthorchis species (Opisthorchildae) in Central Vietnam
Dao, T. H. T., Dorny, P., Dorny, P., Nguyen , T. G. T. & Gabriël, S.

A realist evaluation of the antiretroviral treatment adherence club programme in selected primary health care facilities in the metropolitan area of the Western Cape Province, South Africa
Mukumbang, F. C., Marchal, B. & van Wyk, B.

A study of the mechanisms of natural killer cell-mediated resistance to HIV-infection
Hens, J., Kestens, L. & Kestens, L.

A systems biology approach for a comprehensive understanding of development and adaptation in Leishmania donovani
Cuypers, B., Dujardin, J., Dujardin, J. & Laukens, K.

Access to Care to Leishmaniasis Treatment in Africa
Sunyoto, T., Boelaert, M., Picado De Puig, A. & Potet, J.

An assessment of the effectiveness of maternal mobile technology in low and middle income countries
Ilozumba, O., Marchal, B., Van Belle, S. & Broerse, J.

An investigation of blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae) and their pathogens in districts of northern Uganda affected by nodding syndrome
Hendy, A., Madder, M. & Colebunders, B.

Analyzing the patterns of health care-seeking behaviour among adolescent pregnant women in Nepal and Bangladesh; a transdisciplinary approach
Shahabuddin, A., De Brouwere, V., Delvaux, T. & Broerse, J.

Antigen discovery for the diagnosis of invasive salmonellosis: A targeted proteomics approach
Saleh, S., Deborggraeve, S. & Gevaert, K.

Antimalarial treatment efficacy and safety in pregnant women
Nambozi, M., D’Alessandro, U., Van Geertruyden, J. & Mulenga, M.

Assessment of Co-Infections as Determinants of Treatment Failure in Cutaneous Leishmaniasis
Martinez Medina, D., Boelaert, M., Dujardin, J. & Llanos – Cuentas, A.

Association between intestinal parasites and inflammation and nutritional status in Mexican children
Zavala Gómez, G. A., Polman, K., Seidell, J. & Garcia, O.

Bacterial bloodstream infections in Rwanda: a molecular surveillance study
Rutanga, J. P., Deborggraeve, S., Jacobs, J. & Muvunyi, C.

Caractéristiques histopathologiques de l’ulcère de Buruli au Bénin
Brun, L. V. C., de Jong, B., Rigouts, L., Akele Akpo, M. & Sopoh, G.

Carbapenem resistance in Enterobacteriaceae: profiling the small RNA landscapes
Gonzalez Andrade, P. D., Deborggraeve, S., Jacobs, J. & Grijalva, M.

Cell-associated HIV-RNA as a superior marker of treatment success or failure
Pannus, P., Vanham, G., Fransen, C. & Vandekerckhove, L.

Characterization of Chikungunya virus-host protein complexes involved in viral attachment and entry
De Caluwé, L., Ariën, K., Bartholomeeusen, K. & Van Ostade, X.

Comment et pourquoi le financement basé sur la performance fonctionne (FBP) (ou échoue): cas de l’intégration d’indicateurs ‘Nutrition’ dans le FBP au Burundi
Nimpagaritse, M., Meessen, B., Macq, J. & Nsengiyumva, G.

Comment revoir les fonctions du ministère de la santé marocain dans une direction d’organisation apprenante pour réussir la mise en place de la couverture universelle en santé?
Akhnif, E. H., Meessen, B., Macq, J. & Fakherddine Moulay, I.

Community-based ART in sub-Saharan Africa: lessons learnt from Community ART Groups in Tete province, Mozambique
Decroo, T., Laga, M. & Colebunders, B.

Connected Care: Reconfiguration of care for the elderly in Indian transnational families
Ahlin, T., Peeters, K. & Pols, J.

Consequences of Mycobacterium tuberculosis genetic diversity in the context of HIV co-infection for laboratory diagnosis of tuberculosis in Africa
Ssengooba, W., de Jong, B., Cobbelens, F. G., Van Leth, F. & Mandomando, I.

Designing an innovative malaria elimination strategy based on reactive case and community participation: a mixed-methods study
Jaiteh, F., Peeters, K., Masunaga, Y., Gerrets, R. & Achan, J.

Development and appliation of cellular and molecular tools for monitoring miltefosine resistance in Leishmania donovani isolates from Nepal
Rai, K., Dujardin, J., Decuypere, S., Dujardin, J., Maes, L., Rijal, S. & Bhattarai, N. R.

Development and validation of Clinical Prediction Rules that address bottlenecks in tuberculosis diagnosis
Solari Zerpa, L. D. R., Van der Stuyft, P., Van der Stuyft, P. & Cabezas Sanchez, C.

Development of combined highly active anti-retroviral microbicides and or biomakers to assess safety of microbicides
Kyongo Karanja, J., Vanham, G. & Jespers, V.

Diagnostic and epidemiological aspects of human toxocariasis in Cuba
Sariego Ramos, I., Polman, K., Van der Stuyft, P. & Rojas Rivero, L.

Diagnostic mimotopes for antibody detection in visceral leishmaniasis
Kühne, V., Büscher, P. & Van Ostade, X.

Effects of prenatal micronutrients and fortified-food supplementation on children health and development
Lanou, H. B., Kolsteren, P., Van Camp, J. & Kouanda, S.

Elimination de la Trypanosomiase Humaine Africaine en République Démocratique du Congo : étude du processus d’intégration des activités de lutte dans les services de santé de base
Mulenga Cilundika, P., Boelaert, M., Coppieters, Y. & Chenge, M. F.

Epidémiologie et impacts économiques de la fièvre aphteuse au Bénin.
Houndje, E., Berkvens, D., Saegerman, C. & Kpodekon, M.

Epidemiology and control of polyparasitism with schistosomiasis, soil-transmitted helminths and Taenia solium infections in rural and co-endemic areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo
Madinga Ntwan, J., Polman, K., Speybroeck, N. & Lutumba, P.

Epidemiology of Rift Valley Fever (RVF) in the Kilombero river valley, Tanzania
Sumaye, R., Berkvens, D., Thiry, E. & Geubbels, E.

Estimation of the risk of developing resistance to anti-leishmanial drugs
Hefnawy, A., Dujardin, J. & Valkenborg, D.

Evaluation d’une approche alternative, pour la prise en charge de la malnutrition du jeune enfant dans un district rural au Burkina Faso
Ouedraogo Nikiema, L., Kolsteren, P., Van Camp, J., Sondo, B. & Roberfroid, D.

Evaluation of intermittent preventive treatment during pregnancy (IPTp) in Chókwè district, Southern Mozambique: coverage and effect on pregnancy and parasitological outcomes
Arnaldo, P., Rosanas-Urgell, A., Kestens, L. & Enosse, S. M. M.

Exclusion from health: withheld citizenship of indigenous people in South India
Soors, W., Criel, B., Wouters, E. & Dierckx, D.

External quality assessment of the laboratory diagnosis of tropical infectious diseases
Mukadi Kaningu, P. P., Jacobs, J., Muyembe, J. & Luamba Lua Nsembo, J.

First-line anti TB-drugs revisited
Lempens, P., de Jong, B. & Rigouts, L.

Follow-up of Women After Obstetric Fistula Repair in Guinea: Recurrence of Fistula, Reproductive Health and Quality of Life.
Delamou, A., De Brouwere, V., Delvaux, T., Zhang, W. & Bevogui, A. H.

Functional characterization of Leishmania braziliensis throughout in vitro biological cycle: the quest for a quiescent stage among amastigotes
Jara Portocarrero, M., Dujardin, J. & Arevalo, J.

Genetic and immunological factors contributing to inter-­individual variation in susceptibility to malaria in early infancy
Natama, H. M., Rosanas-Urgell, A., Kestens, L. & Tinto, H.

Helminths, nutrition and allergy : untangling the triangle. Epidemiological studies in Cuban children
VAN DER WERFF, S., Polman, K. & Seidell, J.

HIV infection among wives of labor migrants in Nepal
Subash, T., Buvé, A., Mathei, C. & Hannes, K.

HIV-prevention among Sub-Saharan migrants
Loos, J., Colebunders, R., Nöstlinger, C. & Colebunders, B.

How to optimise the involvement of qualified private practioners in Tuberculosis care and control in India: An analysis of Public Private Mix – DOTS in India
Holalkere Yellappa, V., Van der Stuyft, P., Criel, B. & Devadasan, N.

Identificatie van nieuwe resistentiemechanismen voor fluoroquinolonen en clofazimine bij Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Coeck, N., de Jong, B. & Rigouts, L.

Identification of risk factors and prediction of adverse treatment outcomes in visceral leishmaniasis in Ethiopia
Abongomera, A. C., Van Griensven, J., Colebunders, B., Diro, E. & Ritmeijer, K.

Identifying residual foci of malaria infection in a context of decreasing transmission
Okebe, J. U., Rosanas-Urgell, A. & D’Alessandro, U.

Implementation of the fee exemption for caesarean section policy (FECSP) in non-state health facilities in Benin: Does it work (or not)? Why (not)? How to improve it?
Dossou, J. P., Marchal, B. & Adisso, S.

Implementing clinical bacteriology in low resource settings: reviving the old, bringing in the new
Ombelet, S., Jacobs, J., Cox, J. & Jacobs, J.

Implications of the population structure of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in Benin for tuberculosis presentation, diagnosis and outcome
Sanoussi, C. N., de Jong, B., Rigouts, L. & Affolabi, D.

Improved diagnosis methods to contribute to malaria elimination efforts in Vietnam
Nguyen, V. H., Rosanas-Urgell, A., Van Geertruyden, J. & Quang Phuc, B.

Improving clinical care of Febrile Illnesses in Nepal
Koirala, K. D., Boelaert, M., Chappuis, F. & Rijal, S.

Improving detection of drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB by use of novel phenotypic and genotypic tests
Ardizzoni, E., de Jong, B., Rigouts, L. & Varraine, F.

Improving the diagnostic work-up of neurological disorders in rural Central Africa
Mukendi Mulumba, D., Bottieau, E., Cras, P. & Lutumba, P.

Improving the performance of health care delivery systems to provide quality care for persons with chronic diseases at the primary level of healthcare in rural Karnataka, India
Lall, D., Criel, B. & Devadasan, N.

Inductie van breed-potente Hiv-1 suppressieve immuun responsen door dendritische cellen opgeladen met gag mRNA.
Bracke, L., Vanham, G. & Vanham, G.

Interventions towards a functional cure: detailed phenotyping of the HIV-specific polyfunctional CD8+ T cell responses of controllers
Adams, P. A., Vanham, G. & Devaux, C.

Invasive salmonellosis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Mbuyi Kalonji, L., Jacobs, J. & Muyembe, J.

Le contrôle de la leishmaniose cutanée au Maroc
Bennis, I., Boelaert, M., De Brouwere, V., Dujardin, J. & Sahibi, H.

Le système de surveillance des décès maternels au Maroc
Abouchadi, S., De Brouwere, V., Englert, Y., Nejjari, C. & Zhang, W.

Management of HIV-infection: second line treatment in Africa
Huis in’t Veld, D., Colebunders, R. & Colebunders, B.

Mesure et modelisation de la mortalité due au paludisme dans la zone de superveiillance démographique de Nanoro, Burkina Faso
Derra, K., D’Alessandro, U., Erhart, A., Bocquier, P. & Halidou, T.

Microbiologic aspects of childhood bacterial meningitis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Phoba, M. N., Jacobs, J., Van Geet, C. & Muyembe, J.

Micro-contexts of malaria risk in pre-elimination settings
Bannister-Tyrrell, M., Peeters, K., Rosanas-Urgell, A. & Boele van Hensbroek, M.

Modelling Taenia saginata epidemiology and control in Belgium
Jansen, F., Berkvens, D., Gabriël, S. & Dorny, P.

Molecular Characterization of Mycobacterial Isolates Causing Tuberculosis in Humans and Animals in Northwest Ethiopia
Kitata, M. E., de Jong, B., Diro, E., Rigouts, L., Torrea, G. & Gehre, F.

Molecular characterization of mycobacterial strains from clinical specimens of patients with tuberculosis
Makhado, N. A., Colebunders, R., de Jong, B., Colebunders, B. & Nchabeleng , M.

Monitoring and Evaluation of a mobile Clinical Decision Making Support System (CDMSS) intervention for frontline providers of maternal and neonatal care in the Eastern region (ER) of Ghana
Omolade Adepoju, I. O., De Brouwere, V., van Roosmalen, J. & Zweekhorst, M.

CLAG3: New mechanisms of drug resistance in malaria parasites: a molecular, epidemiological and social study
Mira Martinez, S., Rosanas-Urgell, A., Cortés Closas, A. & Broerse, J.

New tools for diagnosis and management of febrile illness in travelers to the tropics: a cohort study
Huits, R., Bottieau, E., Jacobs, J., Van Esbroeck, M. & Cnops, L.

Ocular complications in HIV positive individuals in sub-Saharan Africa.
Otiti-Sengeri, J., Colebunders, R. & Colebunders, B.

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for child growth, development and gut integrity
BOUCKAERT, K., Kolsteren, P. & Van Camp, J.

Opening the black box of performance-based financing (PBF) in the health sector: a case study on motivation, rent seeking behavior and M&E in Uganda
Renmans, D., Criel, B., Holvoet, N. & Garimoi Orach, C.

OptiDiag: Biomedical investigations for optimized diagnosis and monitoring of severe acute malnutrition. Elucidating the heterogenous diagnosis of SAM by current anthropometric criteria and moving beyond
Dailey – Chwalibog, T. M., Kolsteren, P., Kolsteren, P. & Huneau, J.

Optimizing the use of GeneXpert MTB/RIF assay for the diagnosis and clinical management of adult and childhood TB and MDR TB suspects in Ethiopia
Jano, M. T., de Jong, B., Rigouts, L. & Abebe, G.

P. Vivax morbidity after radical cure treatment in the Peruvian Amazon region
Soto Calle, V. E., D’Alessandro, U., Erhart, A., Speybroeck, N. & Llanos-Cuentas, A.

Perception of neglected zoonotic diseases among livestock owners in Africa: the One Health approach
Thys, S., Boelaert, M., Dorny, P., Gabriël, S. & Dorny, P.

Plasmodium vivax genotyping and modelling: a new tool for malaria control in Central Vietnam
Pham, V. T., Rosanas-Urgell, A., Erhart, A., Speybroeck, N. & Hung, L. X.

Positioning Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) in Resource Poor Settings
Utz, B. & De Brouwere, V.

Promoting HTLV-1 blood transfusion safety in an endemic country. Towards expanded, evidence-based HTLV-1 control strategies of Peruvian Blood Banks
Gonzalez Lagos, E. V., Boelaert, M., Vanham, G. & Gotuzzo, E.

Quel leadership et quelles pratiques de gestion de ressources humaines des gestionnaires des services de soins locaux pour relever le défi de la réforme du système de santé
Belrhiti, Z., Marchal, B. & Neijari, C.

Repellent as an additional tool to long lasting insecticidal nets to target the residual transmission in a north-eastern province of Cambodia. Study of the use and efficacy of a topical repellent using the passive and active malaria case detection systems
Somony, H., Coosemans, M., Coosemans, M., Sochantha, T., Durnez, L. & Sluydts, V.

Residual malaria transmission and additional control measures to long-lasting insecticidal nets in Cambodia: an anthropological study
Gryseels, C., Peeters, K., Hardon, A. & Gerrets, R.

Role of gene dosage in the acquisition of antimony resistance in L.donovani: experimental evidences
Dumetz, F., Dujardin, J., Van Den Abbeele, J., Dujardin, J. & Maes, L.

Safe and efficacious artemisinin-based combination treatment for pregnant women with malaria in Burkina Faso
Tahita, M. C., D’Alessandro, U., Van Geertruyden, J. & Tinto, H.

Salmonella Paratyphi A: The emergence of a neglected pathogen in Asia
Kuijpers, L., Jacobs, J. & Jacobs, J.

Schistosomiasis: the role of parasite genetics in human infection and disease
Boon, N., Polman, K. & Volckaert, F.

Search for a Treponema pallidum Antigen Test (SeTPAT) project Treponema pallidum-specific proteomic changes in patients with incident syphilis infection: an observation study in Belgium
Osbak, K., Kenyon, C. & Van Ostade, X.

Serological and molecular epidemiology of Ehirlichia ruminantium infection in ruminants in Ethiopia
Teshale Sori, T., Berkvens, D., Dorny, P. & Gobena, A.

Shadows over the “Golden Decade”: how certain HIV-infected populations have not benefitted fully from the scale-up of anti-retroviral therapy and what can be done about it
Vogt, F., Van Griensven, J. & Colebunders, B.

Social Accountability in Maternal Health Services
Hamal, M., De Brouwere, V., de Cock Bunning, T. & Scheele, F.

Study of the dynamics, phenotype and role of regulatory T cells during HIV subtype C early Infecton and during prime-boost vaccination with HIVIS-DNA
Matavele Chissumba, R., Kestens, L. & Jani, I.

Study of the molecular basis of resistance to Isometamidium Chloride in Trypanosoma congolense
Tihon, E., Van Den Abbeele, J. & Dujardin, J.

Study of the tsetse fly innate immunity to control the endosymbiotic bacterium Sodalis gossinidius and its impact on trypanosome transmission
Trappeniers, K., Van Den Abbeele, J., De Vooght, L. & Van Den Abbeele, J.

Taenia solium Elimination versus control: what is the best way forward for Sub-Saharan Africa?
Hobbs, E. C., Dorny, P., Gabriël, S., Dorny, P., Willingham, A. L. & Bottieau, E.

The challenge of equitable perinatal mental health coverage through local health systems in rural Uganda
Sarkar, N., Criel, B. & Bunders – Aelen, J.

The clinical management of visceral leishmaniasis (VL) in India
Burza, S., Boelaert, M. & Van Geertruyden, J.

The immunomodulatory role of prednisone in TB-HIV co-infected patients and assessment of its impact on clinical and TB treatment outcomes
Stek, C., Lynen, L. & Meintjes, G.

The rise of non-communicable diseases, and implications for health care delivery and health programmes in the Philippines
Bermejo, R. I., Van Damme, W., Galvez-Tan, J. & Mets, T.

The role of intestinal parasite infections in child undernutrition and (change in) body fat in Mozambique
Cossa Moiane, I., Polman, K. & de Deus, N.

The role of T cell diversity in the pathogenesis of TB-IRIS in HIV/aids patients in Uganda
Nakiwala, J., Kestens, L. & Pala, P.

The role of TH17 and regulatory T-cells in the development of schistosoma pathology in Senegal
Mbow, M., Polman, K., Kestens, L., Mboup, S. & Yazdanbakhsh, M.

The rural community in sub-Saharan Africa as a reservoir of antibiotic resistance: a case study from Burkina Faso
Guiraud, I., Jacobs, J., Jacobs, J. & Tinto, H.

The spread of Rhipicephalus microplus and the detection of acaricide resistance: Impact on the epidemiology of bovine babesiosis in Zimbabwe
Sungirai, M., Madder, M., De Clercq, P. & Moyo, D.

Towards improved understanding of transmission dynamics of tuberculosis in The Gambia
Ofori-Anyinam, N. A. B., de Jong, B., Rigouts, L., Gehre, F. & Antonio, M.

Towards the control of scabies and associated skin infections in Western Australia’s remote Aboriginal communities: A Community-based approach
HENDRICKX, D., Boelaert, M., Walker, R. & Carapetis, J.

Toxocara diagnosis and epidemiology
Morales Yanez, F., Polman, K. & Muyldermans, S.

Trypanosome-associated changes in tsetse fly salivary gland and its impact on parasite development
Matetovici, I., Van Den Abbeele, J. & Dujardin, J.

Understanding social vulnerability for malaria control and elimination
Dierickx, S., Peeters, K., Hardon, A. & Nguyen, V. K.

Understanding the dynamics of accessing chronic medicines in rural and urban settings in South Africa
Magadzire, B. P., Marchal, B., Van Damme, W., Sanders, D. & Ward, K.

Use of fluorescen diacetate vital staining for the early detection of rifampicin resistance in tuberculosis patients in Mali
Diarra, B., de Jong, B., L. Murphy, R. & Diallo, S.

Validity and feasability of use of a rapid and innovative test for detection of Multi Drug Resistant (MDR) TB cases in Kinshasa, DRC
Kaswa-Kayomo, M., Boelaert, M., Van Deun, A. & Muyembe Tamfum, J.

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