ITM PhD defences 2016

Jorge Ron Roman, Ecuador: Epidemiological study of bovine brucellosis and its impact in public health in the Northwest of Ecuador (Université de Liège)

Josefien Van Olmen, The Netherlands: Care for chronic diseases in low income countries. The health system perspective and self-management of diabetes (Medical Centre VU Amsterdam)

Larissa Otero Vegas, Peru: Pulmonary tuberculosis case detection in a medium incidence middle-income country (Ghent University)

Liselotte Hardy, Belgium: Characterisation of biofilm associated with bacterial vaginosis (Ghent University)

Koen Vandelannoote, Belgium: Unveiling the evolutionary history & molecular epidemiology of Mycobacterium ulcerans (University of Antwerp)

Karen Kerkhof, Belgium: Serological markers to measure recent changes in malaria transmission – A promising tool towards malaria elimination (University of Antwerp)

Michael John Talledo Albujar, Peru: Search for host genetic factors associated with neurological
complications (HAM/TSP) in Peruvian HTLV-1 infected individuals (University of Antwerp)

Kissa Kulwa, Tanzania: Dietary strategies to improve feeding practices, dietary adequacy and growth of infants and young children in rural Tanzania (Ghent University)

Upendra Bhojani, India: Enhancing care for urban poor with chronic conditions in India (Ghent University)

Hadush Birhanu Abera, Ethiopia: Trypanosoma evansi in Northern Ethiopia: epidemiology, diversity and alternative diagnostics (KU Leuven)

Christine Kirunga Tashobya, Uganda: Developing an appropriate district health system performance assessment framework for Uganda (Université Catholique de Louvain)

Lenin Javier Ron Garrido, Ecuador: The use of statistical and simulation modelling as decision support tools in veterinary public health (University de Liège)

Mieke Croughs, The Netherland: Where altitude and sex meet: Sexual risk behaviour and altitude illness in travel clinic visitors (University of Antwerp)

Amel Adel, Algeria: Etude épidémiologique de la leishmaniose canine en Algérie et son impact sur la leishmaniose humaine (Université de Liège)

Marco Coral Almeida, Ecuador: Epidemiological transmission patterns of Taenia solium cysticercosis in endemic areas: The case of Ecuador (Ghent University)

Coralith Garcia Apac, Peru: Antimicrobial resistance in Peruvian hospital settings (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

Raffaëlla Ravinetto, Italy: Methodological and ethical challenges in non-commercial North-South collaborative clinical trials (KU Leuven)

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